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Traffic Advertising is a full-service ad agency with a solid track record of providing results for clients nationwide. We form a partnership with our clients – performing in depth research on their markets, product line and store. We deliver marketing solutions that make our clients’ communications clearer, more effective and more successful. The employees of Traffic Advertising have the experience to help your dealership succeed. We know what it takes to drive traffic through your door!

Account Services Team
With over 45 years combined experience, our account management team is one of the most expert and versatile around. We‘re seasoned professionals who take exceptional pride in everything we do. We analyze situations, identify problems, discover opportunities, and map out goals and strategies to meet those challenges. We work to assure the greatest return on your advertising investment.
Media Team

“From analysis and rate negotiations to detailed placement, with follow-through and post buy analysis, our Media department delivers top-quality schedules on a local basis.”

Our media buying services team is extremely adept, with strong negotiating skills and an intimate knowledge of all advertising mediums. We devise highly cost-efficient media plans, and place all your media to reach your target audience. It all adds up to a winning combination that assures you’ll achieve the results you want, within your timeframe and budget.

Digital Team

“Our digital team manages each of your campaigns to make sure that your brand message stays consistent within each channel, optimizing for your goal and reducing waste.”

Our digital team is responsible for working with your dedicated account rep to develop, test and implement a strategy that will reach and engage your target audience. Their skills take into account all digital channels within the all-expansive web, mobile and social spheres. They are up-to-date on the latest trends and stay with a campaign from start to finish to make sure you are hitting the goals you have set.

We only work with TAG “Certified Against Fraud” platforms to ensure you are getting the highest quality of internet traffic.

Co-Op Team

“Our Co-op department processes over $11 million annually in co-op advertising reimbursement claims at no cost to our automotive clients. We process your claims efficiently to put your advertising dollars back in your pocket as quickly as possible.”

Advertising professionals dedicated to co-op ad reimbursement

  • Administer all clients' co-op programs (pre-approvals, claims, follow-up)
  • Experts in co-op advertising requirements, policies, and procedures (e.g. terminology & logos)
  • Experts in filing co-op ad claims -- online and hard copy -- we never miss a deadline!
  • Established, solid relationships with auto manufacturer's co-op "clearing houses" (e.g. Ansira) as well as TV stations, radio stations, and newspapers which expedites the claim process and client payments
  • Monitor and track client's co-op funds and claims to ensure timely reimbursement of co-op money
  • Keep all records for compliance verification including advertising audits

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