Co-Op Team

Our Service: Co-Op Team

Our Co-op advertising department is filled with Advertising professionals dedicated to co-op ad reimbursement. This is a complimentary service for all Traffic clients as part of our customer service. Here is a list of what this team will do for you:

  • Administer all clients’ co-op programs (pre-approvals, claims, follow-up)
  • Experts in co-op advertising requirements, policies, and procedures(e.g. terminology & logos)
  • Experts in filing co-op ad claims — online and hard copy — we never miss a deadline!
  • Established, solid relationships with auto manufacturer’s co-op “clearing houses” (e.g. Ansira) as well as TV stations, radio stations, and newspapers which expedites the claim process and client payments
  • Monitor and track client’s co-op funds and claims to ensure timely reimbursement of co-op money
  • Keep all records for compliance verification including advertising audits
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